Certification exams are proctored by designated exam proctors throughout the state.  Step-by-step instructions are made available to the proctor prior to the exam date.

Becoming an Exam Proctor

Becoming a proctor for AEST exams is a simple process.  The first step is to sign up for an AEST Proctor Account. We’ve put together a few “frequently asked questions” below to explain a few more of the details.

Who can be a proctor?
Proctoring is intended for district-level administrators, school-level administrators, or testing coordinators. We will not approve agriculture teachers to serve as proctors.

What are the proctor’s responsibilities?
Proctors are able to schedule exams, add credits to a school’s AEST account, review exam results, and proctor (initialize) exams.  Be sure to coordinate with your agriculture teacher on testing details.

Is there a training?
There is no formal training required to be an approved proctor.  Once your account is verified and approved by AEST, you will have complete access to the testing platform.  A detailed proctor guide is available for you to review prior to test day.

I’m ready to become a proctor, what do I do?
First, request an AEST account using the form below.  You will be notified as soon as your account is available to be used.  Then, check out the Proctor Guide for directions on scheduling and proctoring exams.

Proctor Guide and Instructions

Once you have an active AEST account, you’re ready to begin proctoring exams.  We’ve put together step-by-step instructions for what should happen prior to the test day and on test day.  Print this document out prior to testing for easy reference.

Scheduling Exams

With your AEST account, you are able to schedule exams in the testing platform.  As soon as you have confirmed a date and location, log in to AEST and schedule your exam.  When scheduling your exams, you are required to designate a time and how many individuals will potentially take the exam.  You do not have to provide names or register individuals prior to the exam.

Payment Methods and Account Credits

AEST works on a credit-based system.  You can add to your school’s account any time prior to your scheduled exam.  Credits are only used once a registration code is entered and an exam is initiated.  This method prevents issues regarding refunds and no-shows.  Credits do not expire and can be added at any time.

To add credits to your credit, you can choose from two payment options: invoice or pay with credit card.  You’ll be able to pay immediately online by credit card.  With the invoice option, you can follow up with payment either by check or credit card.

In an effort to consolidate vendors, all checks should now be made payable to Florida FFA.